Client Endorsements
Angela D. - Maryland - Chief Financial Officer
“Absolutely amazing!!!!! I love what you have done!!!!! Thank YOU Thank YOU Thank YOU…”

Nicola R - New York - Chief Operating Officer
“WOW - what a difference it makes when you have an expert write it! Thank you.”

Sheila K - Mississippi - Regional Vice President
“I am VERY pleased with the outcome of you resume re-write along with the cover letter. This was money well spent. Best Regards,”

Alex M - Pennsylvania - Business Development Executive / Entrepreneur
“A really special thanks for the excellent job you did on my resume. The job offer I got from Morgan Stanley was EXACTLY what I want to do. You packaged my skills perfectly for the position I wanted. Thank you so much. I wish you luck in anything you do in the future.”

Elizabeth V. - Connecticut - Portfolio Manager
“Thank you for your hard work and help preparing my resume. I really needed your expertise, now I am excited to share my resume! I will recommend you highly.”

Scott S. - New York - Senior Analyst
“I posted the revised resume on Ladders and Monster last night and today I received a call from a recruiter looking to fill a position at a hedge fund!! She saw my resume on Monster. I have never had a cold call from someone finding my resume on a job site. So thanks again- that is a great first sign!”

Danielle B - Washington State - Strategic Product Marketing Director
“I am FLOORED!!!! You did a TREMENDOUS job on this cover letter and on the resume. I honestly am speechless and it is hard to make me speechless! You succinctly defined my background and created two documents that are outstanding! I am beyond impressed! I am so grateful for how you were able to reflect my hard work in ways I haven't been able to explain! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Sara B. - Minnesota - Human Resources Executive
“I know someone who has been in HR as long as I have should be able to do their resume but I was really struck by what you have done…it’s awesome…..Again what you have delivered exceeded what I thought I would get… Thank you so much!”

Erin J. - California - Senior Finance Professional
“Just a quick note that I sent out the new resume the day I got it (after reviewing it) and have already been through a 2nd interview and they are asking for references. Looking good! Thanks again for your help on this. Cheers, EJ”

Donna R - Illinois - Senior Operations Executive
“Thank you for the resume. It is amazing. I would never have said all that about myself. I feel like a fisherman with a brand new bait box full of little lures. The cover letter is great too… This is great.”

Bill F. - Arizona - V.P. of Internal Audit
“I looked at both the resume and the cover letter a couple of times now, and I am absolutely speechless. You did an absolutely fantastic job….. Taking that same information and putting it into a completely different style and form has transformed it into something that "sings"… In the meantime, thank you again for the wonderful job and fast turnaround.“

Mike S. - Nevada - Banking Professional
“I started at Bank of America on April 11th. VP / Small Business Banker. Resume was great, they loved it. Glad I pulled the trigger on a "new" resume. Thanks for the assistance.”

Caroline L - Florida - Finance Manager
“I love the format and verbiage… Honestly it’s amazing, great JOB!! IT IS AWESOME!!!! Can't wait to hear back from you!! You are the best!!....THANK YOU!!!!

Matthew A - Colorado - Group Benefits Director
“WOW! Looks great!......looks day and night better than my piece of junk...thank you!!! I'll be sending this new one out and seeing what happens...thanks!!”

Jin K. - Massachusetts - Business Development Executive
“I received your master piece. You did a great job ! I am very satisfied with your work. I just sent out my resume that you created to a recruiter who is working on medical sales. Thank you so much! Best regards.”

Jon M. - North Carolina - Portfolio Manager
“I'm thrilled with the new resume.”

Edward T. - New York - Managing Director
“Awesome job, I love it…Thank you very much.”

Ward G. - New York - Banking Branch Manager
“The resume is fantastic. It is everything you said it would be and is very well written. It will certainly get me noticed much better than the other resume that was posted.”

Gregory J. - Iowa - Business Development Executive
“I hope you're getting a couple of days of as it looks like you worked most of today. The cover letter and resume are nothing short of outstanding. WOW! What a great job. Thank you.”

Jaime V. - New York - Managing Director
“One word - Outstanding!!!! Each bullet is much stronger now and I love your word usage…. Again, thank you for the quick turnaround and excellent body of work.”

Lindsey M. - New York - Senior Business Analyst
“WOW!! I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate what you have put together for my resume. Thank you so much for such a great resume! You really did a fab job by giving my resume a good makeover; I can't tell you how pleased I am to have worked with you on this.”

Ricardo D. - Texas - Compliance Officer
“ Can’t even begin to explain how thankful I am for your assistance with this.”

Scott H. - Australia - Consumer Products Director
“Thanks very much. I am so proud (well, thankful) of the resume and really excited to share it with prospective employers. My friend from MasterCard took a look yesterday and was really impressed - will definitely try to refer some people on. Best regards,”

Chris D. - Illinois - Portfolio Manager
“You sent me a killer resume, as promised. You have connected the missing link between all the job search/resume articles I have been reading and what the tips look like when properly applied to the page. Finally, I understand the difference between a grocery list of things that I've done and a genuine personal marketing document.”

Ron L. - New Jersey - Business Development Director
“WOW!!! Even with a template I would have never been able to put this together. It is so much simpler and yet more powerful. The selection of words is amazing. The accountant in me is stuck with all the detail. Thank you, if I have any questions I will email you.”

Mario D. - Florida - Account Manager
“WOW, what a difference, thank you so much, let’s see what it does!! It’s perfect, and your professionalism is appreciated!!”

Martha M. - New York - Change Management Director
“I reviewed the resume and letters - they look wonderful! I really like the resume format and the way you presented my qualifications :) Cheers.”

Catherine B - East Northport, NY - Software Engineer
"Incredible. Chris helped me a while back during my job search. I can guarantee you that he will properly advise you how to enhance your career."

Kelly K - Maine - Branch Manager
“Excellent listening skills, pulling details from your experience and displaying them in a clear concise manner. I am extremely satisfied with my new resume."

Israel S - California - Business Intelligence & Analytics
"I appreciate the time spent with me, getting an understanding of what type of position I was striving to attain. This conversation allowed us to tailor my resume for those types of positions."

Our Story

In 2007, Wall Street Resumes was established by Wall Street Option’s Recruitment Division that recruits candidates exclusively within financial services.

As recruiters, we were frustrated by candidate’s resumes inconsistent use of proper grammar, key words, formatting and absence of professional brand.

To correct this issue, our writers began crafting resumes and LinkedIn profiles that made powerful first impressions which resulted in obtaining more interviews.

Since establishing, we have added career / interview coaching and resume distribution services.